Custom Designed Fabric Structures

With over 70 years combined project management experience, Fabritecture brings infectious passion to possibilities ranging from simple architectural shade solutions for shade and canopies to major tensile fabric architecture structures such as sports stadiums, shopping centre atriums and carpark structures, airport carparks, entrances and walkway covers, custom aviation hangars, fully enclosed sporting and aquatic centres, university lecture theatres, cultural and entertainment venues, hospitals, resorts and many more.

Leaders in Tensioned Fabric Structures

With a stated vision to "become the number one tensile fabric structure company in the world by 2020," Fabritecture is already recognized as a global ground-breaker in the design and construction of tensile fabric architecture.

At the heart of Fabritecture is a hand-picked team of designers, engineers, architects, fabricators, fabric suppliers, builders, and project managers - tensile fabric structure specialists who bring enormous international experience and know-how to every aspect of the job and help define Fabritecture as one of the most trusted and truly-innovative names in modern tensile fabric architecture.

An enviable international client list and an inventory of excellence awards are a testimony to Fabritecture's internationally-recognised design and project management skills.

Tensile Fabric Structure Design

Custom fabric structures are designed and built to the strictest standards for safety and quality

Incorporating PTFE, ETFE, PVC and mesh for their specific strengths as shade solutions, the canopies, shades and tensile membrane structures of Fabritecture push the frontiers of form and function.

The Result...Futuristic fabric structures that can reshape a skyline, redefine architectural expectations, and reset our concepts of construction and cover in the 21st Century.

This isn't a site about shapes, structures and shade solutions, nor is it about tensioned fabric technology. This is a site about daring to dream and finding the place where your biggest, boldest dreams really do take shape.